This Heritage Day, we invite you to be inspired by Tata Madiba at our one-of-a-kind hotel, whether you’re staying for the long weekend or just dropping by for a day visit.

Here are our top 3 ways to be inspired this Heritage Day:

  1. Celebrate your heritage with an authentic South African meal at our restaurant:  our daily menu is a tasty representation of everything that celebrates our nation. Come and feast on some of Mandela’s preferred dishes including Nguni Rump and the hearty braised oxtail ravioli, inspired by the oxtail stew his personal cook Xolisa Ndoyiya cooked for him for over 20 years.

    Feast on some of Madiba’s preferred meals, including the Nguni Rump! Image: Sanctuary Mandela

  2. Take a few hours to reflect on your heritage in our garden and at our pools: our outdoor facilities have been designed with tranquility and reflection in mind and we want you to enjoy it ,as Madiba did before you. Bring your swimsuit along and order a delicious Spekboom Gin cocktail or two at our bar to enjoy poolside.

    Reflect, relax and be inspired at our onsite pool. Image: Sanctuary Mandela

  3. Walk to the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory to immerse yourself in the icon’s history and heritage: This is your chance to celebrate the life of our patron! Within walking distance of our hotel, the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory is an archive of Tata’s life and times, works, and writings.

    Immerse yourself in Tata Madiba’s life at the Nelson Mandela of Memory, just a short walk from our unique hotel. Image: South African Tourism

We look forward to welcoming you to Sanctuary Mandela this Heritage Day! For reservations, please send an email to